Monday, February 06, 2006

Wrap your iPod in something warm

I came across a row of little iPod and Treo cases on C's bookshelf. They accumulate.

For the longest time, I kept my iPod in the black case that it came with. I liked the weight of it, and that the iPod slips nicely into the top. I had to remove it to use it, but that didn't seem an inconvenience. It was sleek.

I bought a different case only once, and that was what it was wearing when I lost my iPod. This one was bulkier. The iPod slipped into a sheath, with its control wheel exposed, and a plasticine window protected its screen. A cover then folded over and snapped behind, like a purse almost. Wearing this, the iPod never fit as neatly into my pocket as it did in its Apple-designed case.

C likes containers. She likes little bags and sacks, traveling cases, purses and backpacks, all sorts of containers. She's had more iPod cases than I've had. I like her current one, a sort of peachy-orange leather sheath.

D has the cutest little pink iPod. Before he bought the pink plastic case, it was a lovely, but ordinary iPod. Now it couldn't be cuter, or pinker.

P, I discovered only this weekend, has a VIDEO IPOD! Wow. She keeps it in a wonderful blue cover that doesn't expose the wheel. The case itself has the texture of the wheel made into it, and your touch works through it. Nice.

When I get a new iPod (too painful to think about right now) I shall return to the original case, if it fits.

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